1. My Himalaya trip – 1. Amazing Bhutan

I have been to many places, but never before I fell in love deeply with a country and its people there as much as Bhutan.

I remember the first moment I stepped on the land of Bhutan, I could feel the freshness covering me all the way from the Himalayas. I was surprised that such a place like this is still existing in this crazy chaotic world. I fell in love with everything I had seen: the air, the houses, the mountains, the national outfits, the no-smoking signs everywhere, the wild brown-sexy Mongoloid eyes …

I visited Bhutan in spring when the cherry blossoms were blooming and the mountain ranges were still covered in snow. You could feel the sweet coolness in the air, see the morning dew sparkling on the flowers, touch the breezy wind, hear a laugh from a child and they were all carrying fragrances from the Mother Earth.

Bhutan is located at the east-end of the Himalayas. Traveling through the country is like riding a roller coaster and I enjoyed this exciting ride.
You can’t get a smooth video when riding a roller coaster and around me all the time were 13 men with cameras. Not all the beauty and the exciting moments were able to be captured. But it’s ok, because whatever could not be shown I would keep all for myself, including a Bhutanese man who I fell in love with, and I may marry him. (Please take this line away when you see me marrying a Japanese one in the future lol).

Only when I saw the peak of the Everest in the sky, I realized the Bhutan dream was over. And I was sad!

It was spring when I came to Bhutan. I am planning of coming back, so I can be sweating in the heat of its summer, wearing a red shirt in the colors of its fall and freezing in the cold of its winter. I need to achieve an unfulfilled wish: playing flute on the mountain for a man I love there!

2. My Himalaya trip – 2. From Calculta to Darjeeling

In March 2013.  I had a trip to 3 countries which surround the 3 different sides of the Himalaya ranges. They are India, Bhutan and Nepal. I was not going by myself as usual. I was with 13 other Vietnamese men. Never been with such so many men in my life, hehe! My first impression of India started from me being on the Indian airplane. I was frustrated to learn that with over 200 people who were on board, among which there were roughly only about 5 to 6 women. So Indian women don’t fly? Or there are too many Indian men in this world? Reading all those news about raping in India would seriously scared a bit of hell out of me. I knew I was with 13 men but I was not sure even them would be safe, hehe! This is not anything offended, it’s just a fact, so don’t take it too seriously with me! But then I had a wonderful start when I first landed in Kolkata. It was 4AM, we’ll have another flight to Darjeeling at 8AM so we decided to rent a bus for a little exploration of Kolkata. It was still so dark and the roads were quiet. I saw little yellow vintage taxis parking in rows to wait for passengers. They said only Kolkata has that unique taxi service.  As the bus was wheeling into the central city, old buildings and vehicles appeared along the way. I thought I was back to the 80’s of the last century in my country. Everything was totally out of a modern world. I was surprised and fell deep in a dreamy emotion. The morning started to kick in. Everything started to be lightened up. Amazing things kept bringing in surprises. The bus stopped for a while and let us walk through some morning markets in streets. I was fascinated with all different kinds of vehicles here, all were so colorful and extremely old (as you can see them in the video). I saw hand-drawn commercial posters hung on buildings and I smiled. I thought I was back to the age of 5 when my father took me out to a circus where they have all these posters at the gate. Everything was so vintage and original that my whole morning was filled with childhood memories. The bus also stopped at a park where people were doing some exercises and morning rituals. It was absolutely amazing as the whole ground of the park was covered in the mist. Leaves, birds, cows, horses, people and the rising sun were blurry moving in the mist as if everything was just a surreal dream. They were too beautifully unclear. I wanted to be in the mist and disappeared for a moment. I was thinking to myself: I wanted this dream to last as long as possible. We had a chance to see the गंगा Ganga — the famous river of India too. People were bathing, brushing their teeth and praying all in the river. I don’t have much things to say about Darjeeling though I loved the place. Darjeeling is the highland of India and I loved the tiny twisted roads and little towns here. It was freezing at night when the degree dropped to some Celsius degree. We only had 3 days in Darjeeling before we moved to Bhutan. I did not have many footage. And note that there were always at least 13 men with cameras around me all the time so I could not really capture well anything nice without having them in my frames. It was not much for me to really experience the life here since time was too short. But I am glad I was there even just for a while. I saw something new, I learnt something new, I was happy. That’s all I need in each journey

3. My 2010 US roadtrip

This video is about my road trip across the United States. It was such an eye opening trip. This video has some random footage that I captured along the way and it only gives you a fraction of what the whole trip is about. The entire trip was much more interesting and grander than this video could relay. I will post pictures from the trip on my website and Facebook page. I’m planning to make a photo book for it too, wait for it!!! I hope you will get a glimpse of how big the world is out there and enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

4. My 2011 South America trip

There were two reasons that brought me to South America: Machu Pichu and inspiration from the song “Colors of the Wind”.

To me this is one of the songs with the most beautiful lyrics I have ever listened to. Its words were so inspiring that created this immense urge in me to go out there and experience each and every single line from the lyrics. I want to go places and feel the spirit of every creature. I want to live its life even if it was just for an instant. I want to engage in every culture and hear all the languages. I want to embrace all of human kind’s uniqueness and learn from it.

Sadly, I was not able to make it to my intended destination of Machu Pichu. Instead I went to Chile and Bolivia. The trip lasted for nearly 30 days filled with joy, excitement, adventures, panic and frustration yet every single moment there was so worth it. I embarked on a great journey looking to collect the different colors to be able to paint my version of the “colors of the Wind”.

5. My moments of Vietnam – Part 1 (2010)

Watching those stunning HD videos on youtube and vimeo made me wanted a 5D mark II so bad. Since I am a photographer, it won’t hurt to save money for a new 5D. So I bought the 5D mark II just a few days before this trip to my homeland in early 2010. I was not getting used to the camera, it had been exhausted holding the camera in your hands. That manual focus really bothered me. But then I realized the power of DSLR video: the amazing DOF and vivid color quality, each frame is a perfect picture. 5D mark II has really changed my life ever since.

So this is my first video and I can’t stop making great videos out of it. So I will continue to show you my work. They are getting better everyday!

6. Ninh Bình – one cold afternoon

7. Hà Giang – last days of the year

8. OU in the Fall – Mùa thu ở OU

My first Fall in Athens, Ohio. Hopefully I’m gonna make it 3 years here. Until now I love school, teachers, classmates and new friends. Still learning to love the place and the food! Took a course of Avid Editing in my first Semester so here it is. My first video composed entirely by Avid, wanted to add some more effects and ideas but did not know how. Will keep learning! Fall has always been my favorite season and I have always wanted to film its beauty. But, what a busy Fall I had in school and since I have no car, I could not really move around to capture everything I wanted or well, actually I am just a super lazy person. But still, I love this video I made, it marks my very first months here as a student, it has all the colors of the nature, the breeze of the air, the sparkling sun beams and the smiles of new friends. I’d like to think I am always living in a beautiful world! You know, I’m a very optimistic person! Hope you’d enjoy it. Perhaps, another video of the winter might be on the way too!

9. Athens in the Winter – Mùa đông ở Athens

10. Athens in the Spring

It had been a long, harsh winter. Everything was exhausted. Cherry blossoms could not even wake up to bloom.

“But no matter how long the winter, the spring is surely to follow…” (Guinea Proverb)

11. Em đi giữa biển vàng – Walking in the golden field

In a way, this video could technically be my “music clip” because the voice singing in the background is no one else’s but mine. The song is an old children’s song, might have been at least during the war.

The song is about a little child walking in a field of ripe rice. As she’s walking along, she imagines as if she was walking in a golden sea with the fragrance of ripe rice breezing through the wind. All of the elements seem to be in harmony, singing and dancing with her. Each grain is a symbol of all the sweats and hard work that the famers put into growing it.

It’s a beautiful song that glorifies a farmer. It is uncommon for an adult to cover a children’s song but I decided to do it anyways for the love of it. The majority of my relatives are farmers who still reside in the country side. They are all poor yet very hard working people. My rendition of the song serves as an appreciation that I have for their dedication to agriculture.

I filmed the clips in just about an hour when I was visiting my mother’s hometown in Nam Sach Hai Duong, Vietnam. It was a great opportunity to film my aunts working in the fields. I was lucky enough to be there during harvest season although the crops weren’t very good. Nevertheless, the smiles on their faces as they were harvesting were priceless.

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