Hà Kin


I graduated from The Institute for International Relations – majoring in International Law. I became a Diplomat at the Foreign Ministry after the graduation. But only a year later, I quit everything to pursue my life passion with visual arts. I always wanted to become a Film-maker. I started by experimenting as a story-teller. Shortly after I quit being a diplomat, I had a best-selling book in Vietnam. My book “New York love stories” became a phenomenon. The book also made its mark for being the first book that enclosed an audio CD with each printed copy, something that has not been done ever before. The CD narrates some parts of the story with background scores that make people think they are not reading a book but they are watching a movie.

After my first success, I planned my journey to dive into the visual world. I moved from printed word storyteller to a visual story maker. I wanted to bring all those words into moving images. I bought my first DSLR camera and started learning about photography and visual art. Within six months, I embarked on my first trip around the world. I wanted to travel, photograph, film and experience the world’s cultures, thus to enrich my life skills of becoming a filmmaker. Amazingly, all of my travels were financed from my photography work.

I came back to Vietnam and obtained a FULBRIGHT scholarship for FILM-MAKING. After 5 years studying Film in the US, I graduated with an MFA and now I am a Film-maker based in Vietnam.