1. “Oh hey, it’s LOVE” (2021 – post)

Short film – 40 mins


A Japanese traveler randomly visits a beautiful tea house in an alley of Hanoi. Here he meets the owner who is a bit eccentric and…heartbroken at the same time. On the last day visiting the place, a secret is revealed…

2. Searching for Vietnamese original sounds (2022 – 2024)

Docuseries – 4 episodes (50mins each)



3. “The Sunday’s Gift” (2018)

Short film – 15 mins


Auntie Hong likes to go out and collect plastic bottles to earn some extra pennies even though her son and daughter in law oppose it strongly. She also keeps the Vietnamese habit in feeding the food for her grandson, this upset her son. He then decides to put her into a nursing home, she begs to stay.

On the day she leaves for the nursing home, the grandson runs after her and gives her a special gift…that is also the Mother’s Day

(Link on request)

4. “Thank you, Mom” (2017)

Short film – 15 mins


Mai – a single mom living with Josh – her 13 years old Vietnamese American born. She works hard to pay bills and raises her boy. However, the differences in generations and cultures create tension between her and her teenage son. One day, she discovers she does not feeling well…

(Link on request)

5. “Ruby” (2016)

Short film – 15 mins


Ruby – a 8 years old girl witnesses troubles of her parent’s marriage. She desperately wants them to get back to each other. Then one day she has a plan with her best friend An-Hy. They plan to cook a big meal with An Hy’s help and pretend that the meal is made by Ruby’s mom. Ruby calls her dad home to enjoy the meal but when he comes…

(Link on request)

6. “The Prescription” (2015)

Short film – 20 mins


Jack is tired of his every day work. His boss is bossy, his colleagues are bully, plus he has terrible allergy, sneezes to exhaustion almost every single day.

Jack comes visit a psychologist and he gives Jack a very special prescription. The Psychologist tells Jack to go find a beautiful place to chill and do not open the prescription before coming there. Jack decides to go to his grandfather’s house, he opens the prescription and finds magic…

(Link on request)

(Link on request)

7. “Bored on the Fourth of July” (2015)

Short film – 6 mins


Just a fun little project and I loved it!
I was the co-director, DP and the editor. 48 hours straight stayed awake, I looked like a zombie afterward. But a lovely work was done.

Not sure about competing any other 48 hours Film Project. I never need a prize in my life and I never competed anything in any contest. This is just the first one. Mostly, I did it because I was invited to join and I just wanted to test myself under a pressure. And I just love filming, that’s all. Many people who have been following me for long on the internet, they know that!

In the end, enjoy it. We enjoyed making it. And I hope you enjoy watching it.
Here are the required elements in the movie:

– Character: Wendy Poe, unpublished author (for female)
– Required line: “That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard”
– Required prop: A french baguette
– Genre: Holiday Film

Length: From 4 to 7 mins.

I just added the BTS video in for the web version! Video by Brazen Charm Productions

8. “Oh, SHOOT” (2014)

Short film – 10 mins

Action – Comedy

My very first film – shot on Black and White film. Don’t even remember what type of film that is!

A girl while carries her camera wandering a strange neighborhood accidentally photographs a group of gangster. They try to chase her down but with her smartness and by using the camera as a tool to fight them back, she almost successfully escapes the gang. While she is hiding from the chasers, she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her when looking up to somebody’s window…

9. Aethelred Eldridge’s wonder world

Documentary – 1 hour

(The below version is only the short draft)

Æthelred Eldridge (born James Edward Leonard Eldridge on April 21, 1930, in Monroe, Michigan) is an academic and avant-garde painter. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Ohio University School of Art where he has been teaching since 1957. He is best known for his black and white art accompanied by esoteric writings inspired by William Blake, and the founding of a “Church of William Blake” not far from his home in Athens, Ohio. The church eventually burned down; Eldridge still claims arson

Prior to teaching, he was a college football player at the University of Michigan, a pilot and an officer in the U.S. Navy.

In 1996, he voted for Bob Dole in the presidential election and was sorely disappointed when the presidential candidate lost by great numbers

His classes are hard to define and almost function as performance pieces. According to Ron Kroutel, professor emeritus of art at Ohio University: “the School of Art gave him his own curriculum. His style does not cleanly fit into any specific category of art.” Students at Ohio University will know his 50 by 80-ft mural on a wall on Seigfred Hall.

Æthelred is listed in the Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes,[4] which characterizes his works as “self-described ‘invective pamphlets’ are both cryptically pedantic, and at times autobiographical, all within his own mythopoeia. … Similar to the texts accompanying his images, his class lectures are themselves works of art. Æthelred weaves playful, sometimes invective speech tapestries with outlandish word associations, electrically charged phonetics and scrambled catchphrases that succeed or fail with his often baffled listeners. (wikipedia)

Eldridge is one of the best thing that happened to me while studying here in OU, Athens, OH. This documentary will be kept carrying on until I have no more chance to film him 🙂

This doc is not yet published to the public.


10. Mantis’ story

Description of the story is in the Youtube link

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